Want to play at the next level? The Marshals will help you get there.

Photo by Mike Horbovetz  horbopicz@gmail.com

Photo by Mike Horbovetz horbopicz@gmail.com

Almost all of the players graduating from our program each year are afforded the opportunity to play at the next level.


Each year, our teams are comprised of some of the best high school players in North Texas and Oklahoma. If you want to play with other players with the same drive and passion for the game that you have, then you’ve come to the right place.

For info, or to register for a tryout

For information about group or Individual tryouts, call 972-841-3744 or email us HERE. To register for a tryout, fill out the "Play for the Marshals" form by clicking on the button below.


Marshals players are taught that there are four components vital to being the best player you can be, and especially vital if playing in college is your dream. If you play for the Marshals, you have to focus on development in each of these four areas:

Players hoping to move on to college must also be good athletes. This means becoming bigger, stronger and faster through hard work.

It’s not enough to just be a good athlete. You have to be a good student as well. If you finish high school with a GPA of 3.6 or higher, your standing as an academic athlete can pay for the majority of your college costs.

Being a good person improves your chances of playing with a good college program. Colleges aren’t interested in having problems on their roster, in their dorms, or on their campus. If you’re a troublemaker, you’ll have trouble playing at the next level.

Work Ethic
College coaches want players who are willing to work hard. Working to get yourself in the best physical shape possible, working academically to improve your grades and GPA, and working on your game to improve your skills are all things college coaches like to see.


  • Competitive select teams for ages 15U - 18U.

  • Highly competitive showcases and tournaments.

  • Skills development with weekly team practices.

  • Assistance with recruiting.

  • Fall skills and athleticism development.

  • Opportunities to participate in national and international events through US Elite Baseball.